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Internet Sales Training

Paragon 12 Internet Sales Training equips your team with the tools, techniques and strategies needed to successfully support your dealership sales and online marketing efforts.

Internet Sales Training Core

  • Mastering Phone Sales Skills
  • Email Template Development
  • Getting The Most From Leads
  • Online Customer Qualification
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Prospect Opportunity Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Power Messaging and Marketing
  • Management and Progress Reporting

Why Internet Sales Training Is So Important

In the early days of the internet all sales could be attributed to the incremental sales bucket, but those days are long gone. Over 90% of all “In-Market” or ready now buyers use the internet to make multiple critical buying decisions.  The most important to you is what dealership they wish to do business with.

There are thousands of franchise dealers and mom and pop used car stores across the country so the competition for the individual sale is intense.  The better trained and more finely honed Internet sales organizations have no problem pulling business from as far as 3 hours away from the dealership.  But not all Internet sales efforts are successful and many collapse under the weight of increasing advertising expense and lack of support.

When dealing with the Internet car shopper nothing is more important than response time and transparency.  Quite possibly the most difficult measurement of success or failure is missed opportunity.  More often than not missed opportunity is caused by lack of attention to the new lead, poor response times and lack of informational value in the initial response.  The buyers’ perception of value cannot be underestimated.  You don’t always have to make it about price or the best deal to win the business.

If your dealerships Internet sales effort produces a poor return on investment. You think you’ve tried every trick in the book to hire, train and motivate your sales staff but can’t produce positive results? Well… don’t throw in the towel just yet.

Contact Paragon 12 today and lets talk about a success plan to get your Internet Sales Department and Online Marketing strategy back on track.

Is Your Sales Staff Prepared For The Next Lead?