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BDC Training

Business Development Center Training equips your team with the tools and strategies needed to successfully support dealership sales and service efforts.

BDC Training Core

  • Mastering Phone Skills
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Prospect Opportunity Management
  • BDC Customer Relationship Management
  • BDC Power Messaging and Marketing
  • BDC Management and Progress Reporting

Why BDC Training Is So Important

In today’s competitive automotive sales and service environment is essential your BDC Staff and Management clearly understand their role and importance to the overall health of your dealership.  As customer retention and advertising costs escalate, your BDC rises to the top of the list as the most cost effective prospect and customer management solution.

Making The Most of Your Business Development Center

The main function of a true BDC is to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of marketing efforts. This is done by well-trained (and managed) BDRs (Business Development Representatives) through effective communication skills and rapport-based influence and persuasion. The telephone is the “front line” of the car business. First impressions create perception and we all know perception is 99 percent of reality. A BDC is designed to transmit a sense of ease, comfort, trust, excitement or urgency and should validate the choice to visit the dealership.  It’s all about setting appointments and following up to ensure appointments are kept and missed appointments are not forgotten. BDC’s create a consistent daily business flow for both sales and service departments within your dealership.

Why Do I Need to Invest in A Business Development Center?

Fear of expense is the primary objection to a BDC. There is no cheap way to create, train and manage a state-of-the-art department. The real problem is… it tends to be far more expensive NOT to effectively develop the department because if you don’t, your competitors surely will.

Dealerships that recognize a BDC as a separate department of the dealership with its own individual accountability will excel on the telephone. Dealers who do not recognize it as a separate, accountable department, but try to implement a BDC, are unlikely to succeed and misguided efforts only produce increased expense and frustration levels.

A successful BDC is built on a foundation of commitment, personnel, processes and skills… Not scripts!

Do You Have An Effective and Profitabe BDC?