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Automotive Dealership Sales Training

Why some stores do not invest in training:

  • 80-90% of sales training is not utilized and eventually forgotten.
  • Most salespeople do not believe it will work or are afraid to use it.
  • When under pressure, a salesperson always reverts to their old ways.
  • Dealership Managers do not always agree with new sales techniques.
  • Conventional training process does not address's the prospect psychological buying motives.
  • Most of the training out there is not a repeatable process and has no lasting positive result.
  • Available training materials are developed by someone with very little time in a dealership.
  • Training is not based on identifying sales process problems and developing solutions for them.
  • We are taught how to show features but not how to creatively paint the picture of the benefits.
  • Few sales trainers will come to your store and train your staff on real prospects in real time.
  • It is too expensive, disruptive and time consuming with little to no cost benefit.
  • Inadequate and misguided training has failed multiple times in the past. There is a better way!
Paragon 12 Automotive Dealer Training Staffed Event Sales Auto Sales Training

What separates our training from our competitors:

Paragon 12 Dynamic TrainingParagon 12 implements an innovative approach using psychology and performance metrics. We offer cutting edge training programs by establishing a baseline for sales people, sales management, inventory, advertising, and your market demographics. After we outline this and recognize where you are, we set the goal to get you where you want to go.

Our competitors just use the same “tried and true” strategies and market their wisdom as if they had some brand new big, bold ideas. Paragon 12 doesn’t teach by any of this. We target aspects of sales that most people will never consider when attempting to close a deal. You won’t sound like a sales person trying to close a deal. You’ll simply sound like a person.

Unlike some of our competitors who want you to learn 50, 100, 150 or even 1,000 closes, our core belief is to take away the problem before it becomes one. We also don’t charge $1800 per head to attend a seminar, send you home with a couple of books, a DVD and a pat on the back, telling you to, “go get ‘em!”

Paragon 12 comes in and trains your sales staff on what to do. This is then practiced repeatedly during your sale on real customers to show that it can be done. You’re making profit the entire time without paying any money. The entire time, you are selling more cars, learning new ideas, and your sales people are forced to retain the training by using it repeatedly for a week.

According to a study from, retention rates of knowledge learned are as follows:

90%When they teach someone else/use immediately.
75%When they practice what they learn.
50%When engaged in a group discussion.
30%When they see a demonstration.
20%When they learn from audio-visual.
10%When they learn from reading.
5%When they learn from a lecture.

As managers we know that when a sales person reads a book or watches a DVD, they won’t retain it long enough to use it when they are under pressure. When they partially learn something, they revert to their old ways, therefore rendering the training effort useless resulting in a waste of time and expense.

As you can see from the chart, we cover all ways of learning. Before your sales people are allowed to talk to a customer, they are truly put to the test and teach us back what they were taught. They will be learning more, and adding more throughout the training and market share event. 

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