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Paragon 12 will come and train your internal sales team how to do event sales with ongoing sales solutions via unparalleled training techniques. The acquired knowledge will then be practiced, honed, and tracked on real customers while earning three times more gross profit than their normal sales practices. Our unique training manual is packed with out of the box thinking techniques that will supply your sales team with the answers for all types of issues.



What dealerships do not like about super sales events:

Bringing business forward limiting sales opportunity for the next couple of months.A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
My sales team has to clean up the carnage created by hit and run super sales companies.Our sales people are trained to handle all "We-Owe" issues before the buyer leaves the dealership. We document all promises made to buyers.
The road crews that come to my store never appear to be professionals, damaging our reputation in the community.Our sales consultants are professionally P12 trained, clean in appearance and always promote the integrity of the dealership.
My management or sales staff find it disruptive to allow a road sales team come in to the store.We want you with us 100% of the time. We are not here to exclude your staff. Paragon 12 synchronize our teams before the sales event so that everyone is playing their part.
Dealers are worried about external sales teams damaging relationships with their trusted lenders.We want to work side by side with both your F&I and sales managers to figure out the best possible way for a deal to succeed.
Dealers worry the overall sales event will be a bust. When lined up with the key ingredients, meaning we have the right training, the mail done properly, and the right inventory that your customers/lenders will purchase, there is no reason to have a bad sale.
Dealers feel it will burn out their market to have too many event sales.We agree, but we know how to fix that. Please call us to find out.

Paragon 12 Staffed Sale Event Alternative

Training and Market Share Event / Hybrid Sales Event

Paragon 12 will set up an external sales team for your staffed event that is professionally trained on our core beliefs and understanding of clean, compliant dealership automotive super sales practices.

My Sales Team is not trained to convert an event sale visitor to a buyer. We prepare and equip your Sales Team with knowledge and proven process to empower the individual and promote self confidence.

Training prepares them so that they know what to do before the sales event starts.
My sales team is unprepared and will be worn out mentally and physically by day two.We ensure you are sufficiently staffed to manage the sale traffic effectively, maximize each opportunity and eliminate missed sales.
My Sales Staff does not believe in Event Sales, resulting in a low level of confidence, effort and poor results. We teach, practice what is learned and engage your staff encouraging the use of our outside the box sales process and strategy. We expect them to learn it, we test them to ensure they retain it and we demonstrate how to use it under fire.
I will not do a Super Sale with my sales team because there is never an acceptable return on investment.Our recipe for success is quite simple yet powerful. We prepare your staff for success and generate the "Right" traffic using our proprietary P12 Dynamics Targeted Marketing solution. Our P12 Dynamics Analysis provides exceptional matching data to guide pre-sale vehicle selection and purchase, based upon available lending programs and sale marketing demographics.
Eliminate failure and remove "Car-pocalypse"!

Prize Registration

Our competitor’s prize registration forms are just credit applications. Ours is augmented into getting the prospect into a buyer. It develops a relationship with the sales person and the prospect. It creates service opportunities for a prospect’s mechanical needs. We know as well as you do that the more people who use your service, the more clients will use your sales.

The Paragon 12 Prize Registration Form takes hope out of the strategy.

Are You Ready To Supercharge Your Next Super Sale?