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Changing The Automotive Sales Mindset

Automotive Sales Goals

One of the most recognizable problems with selling vehicles in today’s market is the lack of a baseline among salespeople. Without this, you can’t compare or judge yourself in any capacity. It’s very important to be able to track progress. Everyone is judged in life and business by progress only.  Goals are obtained by progress. Goals need to be set every year, every month, and every week in order to better ourselves. Goals need to be set in business as well as life. You have to ask yourself how you can be a better employee, spouse, parent, son or daughter, sibling, coach, friend, student, or anything else you aspire to be.

Automotive Sales Time Management

You have to find better ways to manage time. You have to find ways to give back and make all of your actions reciprocal. If a fellow salesperson gives you a half deal, always return the favor. Life is short and you’re smart to stay idle. There are two different kinds of energy you will receive, negative and positive. For most people, positive energy enables you. It’s also called motivation. On the opposite side of the spectrum, negative energy puts most people in a bad mood. If it’s channeled correctly, all energy can be positive. There is a way into and a way out of every situation. Self-improvement is the way I want to live my life. I learned a long time ago to put the negative thoughts and emotions behind me. They push me forwards rather than repelling me backwards.

Example: If you have to carry a boulder on your shoulders, you can’t move very fast or far, and all you can think about is how to get out from under it. Progress will be halted and motivation is crushed. In reality though, the boulder doesn’t have to be on you. It can be chasing you until it stops being negative. I don’t know of any negative emotion that can’t be cured by redemption. If you are negative fifty percent of the time and positive fifty percent of the time, your goals will be harder to achieve. If you adopt my process, you will achieve your goals faster.

Automotive Sales Self Improvement

Take a momentary step back to take that in. The loudest cries of protest come from salespeople that are required to make a change caused by an idea they don’t understand, or something they feel that won’t benefit themselves, or something they perceive will make them work more. Take that attitude and recycle it. Anyone that I have ever met in business has never advanced with the attitude of a quitter.

Problems will make you lazy. If you look at all of your problems as a whole, natural instinct will cause you to believe that you won’t know where to start. If you only look at one problem, you won’t accomplish anything else until you get past it what’s in your way.

The same principals apply in the car business. If a customer or sales associate upsets or angers you, you won’t want to talk to another customer until you find resolution. Even if you make calls or take lots of UPS, you’re not going to be one hundred percent.

Problems with customers, or even in life, will cause long-term damage if it isn’t channeled the right way. A problem is like a weed. If you don’t discover the root, the weed grows back. As humans, we tend to keep picking at it as opposed to killing the root. That is why many problems tend to resurface.

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