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Making The Most of Your Advertising Budget

Paragon 12 Dynamic AdvertisingWithin the dealership the most difficult line item to justify is the advertising budget.  Most GM’s lose sleep at night trying to figure out how to cut the advertising budget.  Paragon 12 will show you how to convert 100 percent of your conventional advertising expense to an online digital budget with measurable returns on investment.  While radio, television and print advertising still have their place in the overall advertising scheme, none of them compare to the return on digital advertising.  Most dealerships still consider their website to be advertising expense when in fact is a fixed expense.  The dealer web site is simply an online property that offers a wealth of opportunity to market and acquire new business.  Unfortunately, most dealerships outsource the development and maintenance of their website because they lack the expertise and skill sets required to turn it into a sales opportunity super funnel.
That’s where Paragon 12 comes in.

We are full Service Advertising agency capable of leveraging all available marketing channels.  As a partner with you we grow to understand your unique and specific business objectives.  These valuable insights allow us to develop and guide customized marketing campaigns with dramatic and positive results.

Our Advertising Agency Services Include

  • Print Media Design
  • Digital Visual Assets Development
  • Social Media Content Development and Management
  • Search Engine Optimized Website Content Development
  • Direct Mail Campaign Advertising with Geo Targeting
  • Conventional Radio, Television and Print Media Management
  • Free Professional Relationship Accounts Management

Want To Get Your Advertising Budget Under Control?