Paragon 12 Automotive Dealer Training Staffed Event Sales

What is Paragon12? Better yet, Who is Paragon12?

We are professionals cut from the same automotive cloth as our clients. We are years upon years of applied automotive sales and management.

We are students as well as teachers, always looking to improve what we’ve come to understand.

We are here for you, 12 months of the year, to provide your dealership with superior training and sales and marketing based products, all seamlessly designed to work hand-in- hand.

Paragon12 products and services are geared to help you achieve next-level sales performance while maintaining the integrity and trust your company has worked tirelessly to build and maintain.

From 1 to 100 dealerships, we can help bring your sales force to a common understanding and better comprehension of not only what it is to be a salesperson, but to be a great salesperson.

We look forward to working with you.


What We Do

Paragon12 - The Science Behind Superior Automotive Sales

Nothing typical or ordinary about what we do, Paragon12 is the truly the science behind developing a strong sales team and solid automotive marketing. Combining many years of actual on-the- job work experience, isn’t enough.

We took those many years of experience and we broke down the pros and cons, the why’s and why not’s, and most importantly, the sale or no sale, and we crafted and program to help reduce the negatives and boost the positives. And because each dealership has different wants and needs, we developed our program to be able to be broken down into it’s basic components, one size doesn’t fit all and we know this, but more importantly, we show this.

Paragon12 is a full service all in-house company that will provide as much or as little as you decide upon. From mail out design to in house sales classes, Paragon12 will ensure that every facet of your sales force is properly trained and in sync.

Paragon 12 will come to your dealership with all the solutions you need to run a more effective, fine tuned dealership. Our licensed, clean cut, and tenured staff will travel to your location and provide in house training of our sharpened sales process. We will track the progress of the entire sale so we can not only show you our results, but comb over areas that were weak. There is always room for improvement, and Paragon 12 makes sure to address all of these details before walking away.

Paragon 12 will focus on training skills, selling techniques, and strategic marketing plans geared to increase your dealership’s productivity and profitability while reducing the margin of error.

  • You will probably have many reasons why you feel using an outsourced team is bad idea.
  • Perhaps you fear the crew will behave unprofessionally and leave a bad impression with your customers.
  • You don’t want to share your profit with others.
  • You fear your sales people will take it as an insult to their performance, and that having new crew around will disrupt the chemistry of the sales floor.
  • You believe the outsourced team will snatch and grab the check, taking off and never hearing from them again.
  • The inventory will be cherry picked over, leaving your dealership with only poor inventory.

These are valid reasons, but Paragon12 can put an end to all of these preconceived notions.

Internal Sales Events

Paragon 12 will arrive with the minimal staff to train your current sales staff on our innovative sales techniques needed to thrive. This will help your staff not only during this sale, but for the future.

External Sales Events

If your dealership is lacking in the amount of staff needed, Paragon 12 will bring along our own clean cut, professional, and reliable sales staff to help cover the ground. Our staff are required to pass our rigorous tests to ensure they embody our philosophy and sales technique. As we all know, the car sales industry is ripe with shady people, and we won’t allow that to embed into our system.

Geo Targeted Marketing

Not only will we provide the game machines used to draw in your customers, we will process marketing materials and flyers to garner attention from the local population.

P12 Dynamics Data Tracking

We pay meticulous attention to every detail because in the end, all of this counts. From medium credit scores in the defined area, to the type of car most often bought, will we determine a correlation of what works in your city, and what doesn’t.

Analysis Of The Sale

After our sales event, we will pinpoint the errors and find ways to reduce the margin of error. There should be no mistakes and zero lost sales.

Professional Partnership Management

Most outsourced sales teams won’t think to approach you after the event. At Paragon 12, we know from experience, to build a strong and lasting relationship you must maintain it. Your Paragon 12 professional account specialist will correspond with you frequently to track your progress. Together we discover which areas are in need of attention, consult with you and offer guidance to assist you with continued sales process growth and prosperity.

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