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Joe Haubenreich Paragon 12

Joe Haubenreich

Joe Haubenreich serves as Paragon 12’s CFO. His career spans executive, management, staff roles in manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales, technology, customer service, and logistics. He has extensive experience in training and education of both minors and adults. Not only is Haubenreich an effective teacher and trainer, but he’s been recognized as a leading practitioner of Accomplishment Based Curriculum Design, an approach that develops expert job performers in any field of endeavor.

Haubenreich also contributes his considerable talents in technical writing and graphics design at Paragon 12. A former Art Director, he not only wrote and edited magazine articles but oversaw and developed both illustrations and print ads. He also designs packaging, DVD jackets, brochures, catalogs, and direct-mail pieces. He has edited, performed pre-press functions, and published seven books, one of which became a New York Times best-seller.

Haubenreich has worked over the years as a camp counselor, farm hand, construction worker, public school teacher, bus and truck driver, operations manager, trainer, curriculum designer, personnel manager, account manager for a customer support out-sourcer, sporting goods manufacturer, product designer, commercial artist, marketer, bookkeeper, event planner, CEO, and twice worked as General Manager of companies, one a retailer in the outdoor sporting goods and the other a marketing company. Combining his varied background with his training skills, Haubenreich serves as a business coach to entrepreneurs with small businesses and early-stage companies.