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Joe Haubenreich Paragon 12

Joe Haubenreich

Joe Haubenreich serves as Paragon 12’s CFO. His career spans executive, management, staff roles in manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales, technology, customer service, and logistics. He has extensive experience in training and education of both minors and adults. Not only is Haubenreich an effective teacher and trainer, but he’s been recognized as a leading practitioner…

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Russell Strange Paragon 12

Russell Strange

Russell Strange Russell has been in the automotive sales and sales training industries over 20 years. His areas of expertise are Digital Marketing, Social Media, Business Development and Sales Management. Russell has multi line and multi rooftop management expertise and is accepted and recognized as an industry expert in automotive eCommerce process and training.

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Justin Richey Paragon 12

Justin Richey

Justin Richey, CEO Justin Richey has worked at multiple dealerships in the southeast before moving onto country wide super sales. He has more hands on experience with multiple teams than anyone in the USA. After honing his own skills, he used his psychologically yet honest approach in order to boost sales, and his reputation. Justin…

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